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Rochester Daily Republican, March 2, 1886

Mrs. Henrietta Hudtwalcker is a sprightly, petite, and pretty little German widow, though it is generally conceded that she is possessed, as the China-man says, of “too muchee talkee.”

Some time last season she horsewhipped a hired man by the name of Adolph Cahoes. for which she was yanked into court, but because of her ability to present her case under oath she went out Scott free. Recently the same little charmer held a chin music matinee with one of her step-sons, who is perhaps about her age, and the only possible show the dutiful could have against his stepmother’ was to shut off her wind until he could have his say, and for this offense a suit was brought against him for assault and for surety of the peace. The assailing party was bound over in the sum of one hundred dollars.

Rochester Republican, September 30, 1886

It was reported Monday morning that Mrs. Henrietta Hudtwalcker and her son Herman and wife, who reside south of Rochester, were poisoned by someone putting arsenic in the coffeepot, Monday morning, though no very serious results occurred. The matter has been kept very quiet for some cause.

Rochester Union Spy – Friday, December 10, 1869

MILLINERY STORE. Mrs. HUDTWALCKER would respectfully inform the ladies of Rochester and surrounding country that she has just received a new and complete stock… Store on Main st., north room old CONTINENTAL HOUSE.

The News-Sentinel 1930 – Saturday, February 8, 1930

The E. Von EHRENSTEIN family of this city was apprised today of the death of Mrs. William BARRETT, nee Thusnelda PEEMOLLER, of Indianapolis, which occurred Friday afternoon. Mrs. Barrett was a former resident of this city and is a relative of the Von Ehrenstein and HUDTWALCKER families of this city.

The deceased was employed as a teacher in the Indianapolis school and was a prominent worker in various social and civic organizations of that city. Funeral services will be held at the Barrett home, Indianapolis, on Monday afternoon, while burial will be made in the Crown Hill cemetery. Mrs. Barrett is survived by the husband and a brother, John PEEMOLLER, of Minneapolis.

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