Our company was founded on the 18th of April, 1743 by Jacob Hinrich Hudtwalcker (1710 – 1781) as a trading house for Cod Liver, Herring and Fish Oils. Hudtwalcker & Co. AS is still a family-owned company specialising in Cod Liver Oil and Omega-3 Fish Oils. The Company represents more than 270 years of continuous family tradition  as an independent trading house.

With a long and proud history as a strong foundation, Hudtwalcker & Co. AS is dedicated to offering high quality Marine Oil products, as well as a strong professional and personal service from initial inquiry through to shipment to any destination worldwide.

In addition to the aforementioned speciality products, Hudtwalcker & Co. AS offers a wide range of other Marine based products. A series of carefully selected additional products, from natural Cosmetic ingredients to ecological Vegetable Oils, completes the product portfolio.

All products are subject to close scrutiny and strict quality control. The Marine products are harvested in accordance with sustainability guidelines.

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Rating: AA
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