Child of Two Worlds

Claudia Hudtwalcker Pinilla was born in Lima Peru the 13th of October of 1973 to Antonio Hudtwalcker Teixeira and Carmen Maria Pinilla de Hudtwalcker.The only daughter of four children she was educated at San Silvestre School for ladies in Lima. In the year 1991 she was accepted at the University of Lima where she studied History. After her university studies she decided to go further for her Licensee Title which she achieved by unanimity during 1998.

She spends the following years working at prestigious non governmental organizations specialized in both social and economic development. By the year 2000 she gets married to Angelo Lazo Galdos and together they move to Maryland USA where they stayed almost a year to improve their studies.

During the year 2002 and after a short stay in Lima, they move to Göttingen Germany where she starts her Euroculture Master which was finished at the University of Deusto in Spain as a part of the program.

After obtaining her master degree she moves to Cologne Germany where her husband works and where they currently live. 2014