Carl Hudtwalcker
Carl Hudtwalcker 1782 – 1854

Very early yesterday morning, at the churchyard of St. Cathrin outside Dammthor, one could see the a truly touching sight of a funeral procession moving from the chapel to the crypt. The flower covered coffin contained the earthly sheath of a honorable man, the much loved fellow citizen of our city, Carl Hudtwalcker, son of the in 1818 deceased esteemed Senator Johann Michael Hudtwalcker and manager of the trading house Hudtwalcker & Co. Far away from his home, he succumbed quite unexpectedly to pulmonary embolism in Innsbruck on 2nd June. Out of their loyal and strong love, his wife and children had transported the beloved corpse back to his native city, where it now, among parents, siblings and children, should find its last peace. 

The workers in his factory had transformed his grave to a flower bed – they themselves carried their much beloved, and always kind master thereto; they were followed by Mr. Pastor Gliza, who by the coffin and at the crypt, recalled the free and mortal spirit of the immortalized with some words of recollection and confidence. Spouse, sister, children and grandchildren – all those who were closest to him in life, continued to be close to the much beloved dead to the last resting place; they were joined by a numerous circle of older and younger friends. The deep, silent mourning of the procession was the most eloquent witness of the manifold of the deceased, be it the restless striving of his noble spirit or through the gentle and tender kind of his love or through his tirelessly goodwill who won the hearts of all of those, close or distant, he touched in life.

Through seventy one years of a very moveable life, the departed knew how to maintain a rich and fresh heart – one who loved so much has lived well. We are permitted to mourn the departure of such a fellow citizen, whose memory between us may be blessed by God.

Hamburg, den 14ten Juni 1854 X. 2019