The Hudtwalcker Family in Peru

The Hudtwalcker family in Peru begins with Johannes Christian Hudtwalcker Albers, born in Hamburg, Germany, 1825, died in 1907 in Lima, Peru, where he is buried. As it is the custom in Peru to include the mother’s family name, this will be done in this text.

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Johannes Christian was the son of Johann Wilhelm Lubbers and Maria Eleonore Albers. He was also the grandson of Jacob Hinrich Hudtwalcker Ehlers and the brother of Johann Michael Hudtwalcker Ehlers.

Johannes Christian comes to Peru in 1853. He dedicates himself to commerce, among other things such as the exploitation of grains. He had a “mill” which worked inside the city of Lima, in an important building of exceptional architectural beauty which is nowadays considered a Historic Monument of the city of Lima and currently known as the Museum of Santa Clara. He was well known and related in Lima’s society and in 1858 he married Manuela Clotilde Jouanny y Errea. She was a lady of a French family, related to famous intellectuals. Her parents were, among other French families, the ones who brought the French religious order Sacre Coeur to Peru. This order was responsible for founding two of the most important and selected schools in Lima: the Belen School for girls and the Recoleta School for boys. Many of the most important personalities of the country in terms of cultural and political matters were students of these schools until almost the end of the twentieth century.

On their honeymoon, the newly married couple traveled all the way back to Germany. Their first child, Johann Ludwig Alfred Hudtwalcker Jouanny, was born in Hamburg in 1859. Unfortunately he dies during the return voyage to Peru. Back in Lima, they have three more children: Victor, Isabel and Roberto. By 1868 they go on a new trip to Germany where they stay for nearly two years. On this trip they take with them a friend of their son Victornamed Correa. Later, he became the father of Javier Correa, a very important public notary and politician. Javier Correa was the grandfather of Violeta Correa, known for her strong political activities and because she was married to Fernando Belaunde Terry, a two times elected President of Peru.

Today in Peru, there are only descendants of Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny from the children of Johannes Christian Hudtwalcker Albers and Manuela Clotilde Jouanny y Errea. Their son Roberto had one son and two daughters with Lady Caballero: Alberto, Clotilde and Olga Hudtwalcker Caballero. All of these three children had daughters. It was a tradition in Peru, at that time, that when a woman married, she took her husbands family name. Nowadays this has of course changed and a woman can choose to either take the family name of her husband or to keep her own. However, the impact of this tradition at that time was that due to having only daughters, only the descendants of Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny carried the Hudtwalcker family name.

Isabel Hudtwalcker Jouanny (daughter of Johannes Christian and Manuela Clotilde) married a Chilean military man during the four years of political occupation after the Pacific War when Peru joins Bolivia in their war against Chile. Their only son Eduardo Barrios Hudtwalcker was born in Chile (1884-1963), but his father soon dies and his mother returns to Peru with him where she is protected by her Hudtwalcker familiy. He was then educated in Lima with his cousin (son of his uncle Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny who at that time was living in Germany). Having finished his studies at the Recoleta School, Eduardo Barrios Hudtwalcker went to Chile and developed into a very famous and highly respected author. He was also Minister of Education and Culture in Chile two times. Unfortunately, and with deep regret, the relation with the Chilean family has not been kept.

In 1882, at the age of twenty-one, Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny marries Margarita Caceres Rivera. She was cousin of the Peruvian President Luis Bustamante y Rivero. Together they have one son, Victor Hudtwalcker Caceres. The circumstances of the birth are difficult and Margarita Caceres Rivera dies unexpectedly. Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny leaves his son with his parents and parents -in- law and travels to Germany. He remains in Germany for 15 years and returns to Lima in 1897. After visiting his parents-in-law, he falls in love with the youngest sister of his former wife. Her name was Ines, she was 20 years old and soon they decide to get married. Victor and Ines Caceres Rivero have six children together: Alfredo (father of Antonio Hudtwalcker Teixeira), Guillermo, Juan, Ines (mother of Jose Luis Caceres Hudtwalcker), Ernesto and Herman Hudtwalcker Caceres. Victor Manuel Hudtwalcker Jouanny had also one daughter with Edelmira Oviedo named Edelmira Hudtwalcker Oviedo. It is then from Victor Hudtwalcker Caceres (son of Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny and Margarita) and from the children of Victor Hudtwalcker Jouanny and Ines Caceres Rivero, that the Hudtwalcker family in Peru has grown to almost 90 members. And it is still growing!

Written November 2004 by: Antonio Hudtwalcker Teixeira and José Luis Cáceres Hudtwalcker, Lima, Peru. 2014