Generations at Your Service

The Company was founded in Hamburg, Germany, on 18 April 1743 by Jacob Hinrich Hudtwalcker (1710 – 1781) as an independent trading house for Cod Liver Oils, Herring and Fish Oils, a tradition we continue to honour more than 270 years later.

His oldest son, Johann Michael (1747 – 1818), who later in life became a Senator in Hamburg, entered his father’s business and expanded the portfolio to also include other commodities.

In 1803 his oldest son, Jacob Hinrich (1779 – 1837) became the 3rd generation to get involved in the family business, and in 1807 his 2nd son, Carl (1782 – 1854) joined his father and older brother in running the Company.

In 1853 it was time for the 4th generation to ensure the continuation of the family business, and Carl’s youngest son, Heinrich (1829 – 1896), became director.

Heinrich Carl (1880 – 1952), the youngest son of Heinrich, succeeded his father and became sole owner of the company in 1903. Not longer thereafter he expanded the Company activities to Norway, due to the closeness to fisheries and raw materials.

His 2nd son, Carl Heinrich (1912 – 1991), was manager of Hudtwalcker & Co. AS in Oslo, Norway, from 1938 until 1991. He thereby became the family member with the longest period in the service of the family Company.

Since 1991 his son, John Michael (1954) has been running the Company. In 2014 his oldest son, Carl Jonathan (1993) teamed up. Using the Company’s wide network of international contacts, and excellent reputation as a solid partner, he is establishing new lines of business for the future.

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